Legrand Power Solutions

UPS Systems for Server, Data Center & Infrastructure

Finnlayson Technology’s range of UPS systems contains uninterruptible power supplies in all power classes. These devices are specifically adapted to the requirements of an IT environment. Here, an uninterruptible power supply is essential to ensure a smooth operation and sufficient data protection. With UPS systems, computers and servers are protected against insufficient power quality and
shut down running processes in a controlled way during any power cuts.

Single Phase UPS


Our range of Single-Phase UPS unit are very compact in size for tower or rackmount units. The UPS autonomy times can be increased with additional battery packs which are automatically detected when connected. Certain models are able to be connected in parallel up to 4 units.

For enquiry on Legrand UPS, please contact us at ups-legrand@finnlayson.com.sg

Three-Phase UPS System


Finnlayson Technology offers a comprehensive range of 3 Phase Uninterrupted Power Supply solutions that enables power supply to be sized exactly to requirements, without precluding any future expansion. They are made up of “standard” modules that can be added to existing configurations to increase their power or backup time. Their innovative modular system, provides the highest possible level of redundancy.

For enquiry on Legrand UPS, please contact us at ups-legrand@finnlayson.com.sg

Single Phase UPS Warranty Checker

Serial number is case sensitive.


  • Please note that the warranty database is updated on a Quarterly Basis.
  • Do contact us if require any immediate warranty support or verification.