Critical Facility Service Provider

Finnlayson Technology Pte. Ltd. is a Critical Facility Service Provider that specialized in providing customized service solution and tailored maintenance program for business critical environment.

With its pool of in-house engineers that are armed with vast experience in providing critical technical & service support in this ever demanding business critical environment, we are committed in delivering the highest level of service standard to our clients.

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Critical Business Continuity

Knowing the facts that having all mission critical support equipment and solutions in place is only just half of the protection equation and we being the expert in enabling Critical Business Continuity; will provide this other critical half of people intervention to make certain that your network infrastructure will not go down and disrupt your business.

And above all, we believe in creating and forging relationships with our customers that are built on a foundation of market knowledge, a focus on quality, and a commitment to protect and enhance their business.

One-Stop Service Provider

Turnkey Facilities Management with 24 x 7 emergency on-site service support

Tailored & Customized Preventive Maintenance Programme for Business Critical Application

Thermography Consultation & Services

Authorized Reseller for FLIR Infrared Camera

Uninterruptible Power Supply System & Computer Room A/C System

Batteries Audit and Replacement Services and Turnkey Service for Load Bank Rental

Water Leak Monitoring System for Industrial & Business Environment

Facilities Alert Monitoring System

Service Capabilities

Finnlayson Technology has the ability and capability to fulfill the service requirement for your equipment, wherever and whenever it’s needed. Besides maintaining the ‘health’ of your data center / critical environment, we also implement best practices that cut down energy consumption while optimizing your existing network infrastructure.

All engineer and technician are trained and certified in their area of service and only proper tools and genuine parts are used to ensure longer system reliability. Our preventive maintenance program also helps you maximize the reliability and performance of your overall systems and provides you a total peace-of-mind.

Customer Focus

Being a customer centric company, our service programs can also be tailored to ensure that different Customers’ Requirements & Service Level Agreement are met accordingly. All programs include customer relationship management, satisfaction surveys, customized solutions and even customer advocacy on energy optimization efforts.

Dedicated Team

At Finnlayson Technology, we’ve assembled a motivated and industrious team. Armed with our expertise and vast experience, we are always working towards the continuous improvement of Data Centres under our care for the benefit of our clients. We deliver high quality solutions and services at all time!

24 x 7 x 365 Support

We are only a phone call away! We understand your anxiety. Consult us for any technical issues that you may be encountering. Our Service Team are also always ready to response to any emergency calls anytime and anywhere with fast response time. Our clients can have a peace of mind, knowing that our team will be there in times of needs.